The tradition of “ Pasteli ” with honey in the Cyclades is as old as the sea that surrounds our islands. With the passage of time, each island, created a different version of materials and flavours to it, as each island has its own personality and beauty. Thus in certain islands they add wine in others pepper or cinnamon and the list is endless. Ours made and influenced from beautiful Kea with the ancient delivery in the apiculture it is baptised with orange.

The sesame with the honey, as combination of materials was known all over Greece from the antiquity. It is reported from Homer in the Iliad as well as by the father of history Herodotus as stimulant and boost of life. Also as energy stimulant, essential as the food before each military enterprise in the antiquity and naturally it was not absent from the diet of Spartans.

Nowadays the miraculous combination of sesame with the honey and mainly the soft nougat with honey, that contains above 40% of honey, as our own, has been set aside by non-nutritious international products. Our justified alimentary, that concerns us nowadays, make us all, rediscover the healthy traditional products that are highly nutritious.


Even by taking into account just honey itself contains above 180 nutritious ingredients and the sesame almost as much. When therefore we mix these two ingredients together we have a most excellent alimentary product ideal for our children, pregnant women, athletes and all of us that request only the best for our diet


The nougat with honey fights insomnia, exhaustion, cholesterol, helps in the digestion because of the plant fibres that it contains and also it is known as an aphrodisiac since the antiquity. It is recommended for the fight of arteriosclerosis and for the reduction of cancer.

Ingredients: Calcium, iron, phosphor, magnesium, potassium, vitamins V1-V2-VE, plant fibres, anticancer sesamoli, W3 and W9, greasy acids as well as a lot of other nutritious components.


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