It was in 1960 when my father Nikolaos Maroylis, 20 years old then, found out about the art of producing the “Pasteli” with honey, next to the producer of pasteli, Mr Kykna at his birth place Kea(Tzia). Later on and while having as a profession for all his life the art of pastry making, it perfected the dose and the “Pasteli” (nougat) with honey «To Anogi» took its current flavour and form.

One of his beloved occupations that later became also mine is the apiarian art. It is very important to know first hand the ingredients, which you entrust in order to produce a so much nutritious product that its tradition in Greece is lost in depths of centuries.

Selecting therefore the best Greek honeys and almonds and mixing with sesame from the east, as well as a hint of orange I continue the art of my father, and who knows how many fathers before him, with taste and love.


Yours truly

Petros N. Maroulis

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